SEO – an introduction

SEO – an introduction

Search engine optimisation is the craft of getting properly listed in Google and other major search engines, such as Bing and Yahoo, which uses Bing indexing. Bing is the Microsoft search engine. The most popular search engine is Google. Hence the common phrase Google it, when someone is looking for a product, information, or a service.

The statistics state that most people look at the first few results for a search in Google and do not go much further, so you can see how important it is. In bygone days, various tricks were used to get a high listing in Google. However, those days are thankfully passed, to create a more fairer search listing. Now it is mainly about content. Good content is paramount. Using a blog and more recently social networking is very important as well as your page content, product description, and service listings. Using Google`s keyword tool helps too, in getting the correct phrasing. For example, ‘affordable’ is better than ‘competitively priced’ as a phrase, as the searcher will use that phrase much more often. You should not have an over-abundance of these keywords either, as you will get penalised for this, something like 3-5% works well. You also need to consider how your listing will look, which is where the correct use of ‘meta-tags’, such as ‘title’ and ‘description’ come into play, as well as helping your listing get found. Also, contributing to other blogs and articles is very good too, as these will often create links to your website, much like the correct use of social media will. This will all serve to increase your websites popularity, which in turn will increase the likelihood of a high listing in the search engines.

Do not be fooled into accepting promises to get your website to number one spot in Google. You need to be sure anyone who claims this can do it before paying for the service. Also, do not be fooled into paying for poor quality links to your website, as you will suffer for this sooner or later and find all the hard work of crafting good articles and paying good money will be wasted when your website gets demoted. And remember, this takes time, patience, learning, knowledge, and a bit of trial and error. The search engines will not crawl all your website at once and it may take up to a few months. Use of Google webmaster tools will help and so will Google Analytics.

Media Agile can build you a great website that will help you make the most of the search engines, allowing you to place great content on your website to get that sought after listing spot. We can incorporate the Analytics into your website and advise you in the correct use of the Google tools. We do not make false promises but we do build great software that enables your website to perform at its best. You can always hire a specialist Search Engine Marketing (SEM) firm with a solid reputation to do your keyword optimised content for you or you can do it yourself with our content management systems.

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